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The Top Questions To Ask Your Event or Wedding Caterer
Prestige Catering Creates Memorable Experiences to Delight Guests

If you’re a Marco Island, FL resident looking at caterers for weddings or special events, you want to be sure to find a partner who shares your tastes, will serve you well and provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. Prestige Catering is the choice for wedding catering Marco Island residents looking for a complete event planning and catering company.

With so many choices and styles, here are some of the top questions to ask your event or wedding caterer in Marco Island, FL.

  1. What types of food do you specialize in?

It’s important to understand your caterer’s signature fare and areas of expertise. If a caterer has renowned dishes, you’ll want to seriously consider having them on your menu. At the same time, you also want a catering company that can adjust and adapt to your preferences and tastes.

  1. How do you handle dietary restrictions?

Caterers for weddings should be adept at dealing with any types of dietary restrictions, including the need for kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Your caterer should also be able to adjust dishes if there are known food allergies among your guests. Ask how your caterer will respond to a last-minute request for a dietary item on the day of the event, too.

  1. How will we work together?

You want to know how your caterer will work with you to conceptualize what your event or wedding looks like, plan, communicate and interact in the weeks and days leading up to the special day and during the event.

  1. How are you staffed?

For wedding catering Marco Island residents should understand how the caterer will staff the event. How many chefs will be on premises? Will there be an event planner on site? How many waitstaff will be in place and how will they be dressed? You’ll also want to know how staff are tipped or whether that fee is included in the overall expenses.

  1. What experience and expertise do you have?

You want to know what types of events your caterer typically handles and if they have experience with events like yours.

  1. What is your license and insurance status?

Check to make sure your caterer is licensed and has appropriate liability insurance to operate. You also should ask about any permitting needs and if the caterer will handle that process for you.