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3 Benefits of Hiring A Private Chef For Your Next Event Learn the Top Three Reasons to Hire a Private Chef  No matter what event you’re hosting, the food provided is a large part of the guest experience. An event with a great atmosphere, good conversation, and lovely company can, of course, be improved with […]

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Catering to Accommodate a Variety of Guests Three Expert Catering Tips from Prestige Catering to Ease the Process So, you’re planning an event. Your guest list ranges from your picky in-laws, to your trendy college friends who are always adopting the latest fad diet. Choosing a menu for a wide variety of guests can be […]

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Wedding Catering: Top 5 Tips to Save on Wedding Catering Wedding season is approaching and Naples, Florida is the perfect place to have the wedding of your dreams, but planning a wedding on a budget can be challenging. Expenses for a wedding add up fast but wedding catering in Naples, on a budget is possible. […]